Here you'll find an interesting array of products to supplement your BodyCode diet.

Hejsano® Body Balance

Special dietary supplements for situations involving elevated physical exertion. Recommended in combination with the BodyCode® concept.
The Hejsano® Body Balance Box contains:
24 bioenergetically-optimised beverage ampules with L-carnitine and zinc
45 Vita Start capsules with vitamins and mineral supplements.


Hejsano® Body Balance Minibox

Die Hejsano Body Balance Minibox ist die perfekte Alternative, um die BodyCode Diät kennenzulernen, für wenige Tage zu wiederholen oder aber, um die Phase 1 zu verlängern.
Die Hejsano® Body Balance Minibox enthält:
9 bio-energetisch optimierte Trinkampullen mit L-Carnitin und Zink
15 Vita Start Kapseln mit Vitaminen und Mineralstoffen. Weitere Produktdetails finden Sie im Hejsano Onlineshop.

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Die Bioenergetische hCG Kur

Forschern ist es gelungen, die fettverbrennende Wirkung des Hormons hCG auf den Körper und seinen Stoffwechsel durch bioenergetische Frequenzen nachzuahmen. Diese bioenergetischen Frequenzen haben die gleiche Wirkung wie das Hormon hCG.
Die zur BodyCode Diät empfohlenen Hejsano Body Balance Trinkampullen enthalten neben den bioenergetischen Frequenzen des hCG auch die Frequenzen des erst in den 1990er Jahren entdeckten Sättigungshormons Leptin. Bioenergetische Frequenzen chinesischer und ayurvedischer Kräuter ergänzen die „Power“ dieser neuen Trinkampullen. Für Menschen, die Hormonspritzen ablehnen, ist diese Kur die optimale Lösung.


Hejsano® Vanilla Protein Shake

The Hejsano® Vanilla Protein Shake is a convenient substitute for a portion of meat or fish. Quick and easy to make, the shake is an excellent source of high quality protein that will help you retain proper muscle mass. The shake offers you a tasty alternative or supplement during phases 2 and 3 of the BodyCode programme. Prepare it the way you like, with low-fat milk (1.5%), buttermilk, kefir, low-fat yoghurt or quark.

Tip: Jazz up your shake with coffee or a pinch of cinnamon.

Hejsano® multivitamin lozenges

Vitamins are essential for all living creatures. They strengthen our immune systems and are indispensable when it comes to the maintenance and reproduction blood cells, soft tissue and hard tissue.

Hejsano multivitamin lozenges are a natural dietary supplement that can help to facilitate your adherence to the BodyCode programme. A single multivitamin lozenge a day helps you to prevent the deficiencies that can arise in connection with re-convalescence or low-calorie diets.

In addition to tasting good, the lozenges will help to make sure that you always have the necessary energy and an elevated sense of well-being.


Make every step count!

Many people aim for around 10,000 steps a day to maintain a decent level of fitness. Research indicates that this helps ensure long-term health and reduces chronic disease risk. Using 3D sensing technology, the Walking style One 2.1 makes it simple to accurately keep track of your daily step count because it can be carried in your pocket, bag or even on your belt. The Walking style One 2.1 will also track the calories you’ve burned along the way and can even be used when doing a more intense workout.

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