The BodyCode diet delivers what so many others merely promise. Numerous satisfied customers have already benefited from the programme.


The BodyCode Programme

The BodyCode diet is an efficient and healthy way to lose weight, especially when it comes to the elimination of excess fat in the body’s problem zones such as the hips, waist and thighs. Our strategy is based on a balanced diet, an informed and engaged approach to nutrition and a lifestyle that offers long-term health benefits. The core of the programme is a specially developed 3-phase dietary plan. During the first two phases of the diet, you reduce your intake of carbohydrates to an absolute minimum. Then, during the third phase, you concentrate on the long-term maintenance of your streamlined form by reinforcing your newly acquired eating habits.

The way it works

The programme is subdivided into three phases. These include the diet phase, the stabilisation phase and the acquired-behaviour phase. The programme's diet phase lasts for 27 days. During this time, you will maintain a diet that corresponds to the BodyCode concept. The recipes we recommend for this phase have one thing in common: they contain little fat and hardly any carbohydrates. This is the phase in which you will lose the most weight.
At the beginning of the second phase, you'll gradually transition to a normal, balanced diet. The goal during this phase is to retain your new ideal weight.

The focus of the third and final phase is to reinforce and continue your newly acquired lifestyle, with support coming in the form of numerous practical tips and a wide range of special recipes.


The diet

BodyCode has developed a simple and practical concept for a smooth and successful venture through the diet and stabilisation phases. In addition to providing the means of attaining your ideal weight during these phases, we help you to acquire and appreciate a more healthy approach to nutrition. This is reinforced with a variety of delicious and healthy meal suggestions that include a lot of vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. These suggestions are a part of our extensive and regularly updated database of standard and seasonal recipes that will unburden and liven up your task of preparing meals.

Our special offer

At BodyCode, you’ll never be left alone. To ensure a maximum level of success, you’ll be accompanied by one of our many certified BodyCode consultants. In addition to helping you define your optimal target weight, the consultant will perform measurements to analyse your body type and use this information to help you align your diet to your exact needs. If you wish, you can also avail yourself of additional consultation services.

Rounding off the package, you’ll receive the BodyCode companion manual that includes a variety of recipes, shopping lists, exercise tips and other practical advice.

Inspiration und motivation

If you have already decided to try the BodyCode diet programme or plan to do so soon, you'll profit from regular visits to our website. The website is regularly updated with interesting news items and advice on the subjects of nutrition and health. We hope you have fun while having a look!